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Short Semester 2016 Start

Dear Students,


As the Idul Fitri 2016 holiday draws to an end, we would like to announce the start of Short Semester 2016 as follows:

  1. The short semester will start on Monday, July 11, 2016. As scheduled, the meetings for each day will begiin at 8.30
  2. We have tried to schedule the classes in the E-Campus FKIP Website. However, due to some glitches in the website, we cannot complete the scheduling process. Some courses have been displayed correctly, but some others haven't. You can view the TENTATIVE schedule here E-Campus Course Scheduling. As stated above, this schedule should be considered tentative and there may be some changes and announced after July 11th. To arrange for this, we really hope that all students can wait at FKIP on July 11th before the class and meet the lecturers for each class for some discussions on the schedule
  3. As usual, in short semester, each class can meet 3 - 4 times a week, meaning you are supposed to come almost everyday to campus. Please remember that we have a minimum requirement of 75% attendance before you can take the final test and hence the grades. Also remember that enrolling in the short semester DOES NOT GUARANTEE that you get a better grade or even pass the the course. The lecturers may also fail you if you do not meet the minimum requirements or do not do the assignment well.
  4. Other things related to the short semester, can be inquired to the chair or the staff on July 11.

See you soon


Eid Mubarak 1437H

The big family of English Education Study Program wish you all a happy and peaceful Eid 1437H. May Allah accepts our prayers and fasting

Welcoming J-ELT

We proudly welcome Jambi English Language Teaching (J-ELT) Journal, our newly published online journal on English Language Teaching (Online ISSN  . The journal publishes quality articles on English Language Teaching with various sub topics: Teaching Methodologies, Curriculum Development and Syllabus Design, Materials Design, Teacher Education and Professional Development, Linguistics theories and English language teaching, Bilingualism, and Teaching English for specific purposes. The journal is issued twice a year in May and October, with the first issue published in May 2016. The editors accept article submissions on relevant topics. Further information can be found at UNJA Online Journal or contact the Editor-in-chief, Akhmad Habibi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Class Monitoring

Dear Faculty Members & Students of English UNJA

As of the second (even) semester, Academic Year 22015/2016, we will effectively use E-Monitoring system from FKIP UNJA to monitor our class activities. This e-monitoring system will allow us to have an accountable report of classroom activity which will be very instrumental to the development of  English UNJA. The chair of each class or the appointed person in charge (PIC) for each class is responsible for managing this e-monitoring system and reporting the class activities regularly. If the lecturer does not appoint a PIC for his/her class, the lecturer is fully responsible for monitoring and reporting the activities. Please follow the steps below to conduct the e-monitoring and the reporting:

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Perubahan Dosen Pembimbing Akademik Sem Genap 2015/2016




Sehubungan dengan status beberapa orang dosen yang sedang tugas belajar, dengan ini Ketua Prodi mengumumkan perubahan dosen pembimbing akademik bagi mahasiswa berikut ini:

Read more: Perubahan Dosen Pembimbing Akademik Sem Genap 2015/2016

Student Journalism