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An English Language Teaching (ELT) workshop was organized by English Language Study Program, Jambi University, on Monday (4/2) in Senate Room Jambi University, Mendalo. Presented by two speakers from Kang Guru Indonesia, this workshop was served for English teachers of high schools in Jambi City and Muaro Jambi Regency.

Officially opened by the Dean of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Prof. Dr. M. Rusdi, S.Pd., M.Sc., through his welcome speech, he wished that the workshop would give benefit to the participants. This workshop was also expected to engage knowledge and experience of improvement on how to teach English at schools. Meanwhile, Mr. Dedy Kurniawan, S.S., M.A.  as the Head of English Education Study Program through his speech wished that the workshop might add some new knowledge for all English teachers who were coming through the commitment and dedication of Kang Guru Indonesia for Indonesian education, also to have direct/indirect relations between Jambi University and the English teachers. Both Prof. Dr. M. Rusdi, M.Sc. and Mr. Dedy Kurniawan, S.S., M.A. thanked Kang Guru Indonesia for being able to hold the workshop.

The speakers of this workshop were two the Kang Guru Indonesia team, Rakhma Diana Sari a.k.a Ms. Ana and Mr. Greg Worrell. The event was divided in two sections. The first section was held from 09.00 a.m – 12.20 p.m which led by Rahmadiana Sari. In this section all participants were introduced to Kang Guru Indonesia. Kang Guru Indonesia is affiliated with Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF) and supported by Australian Government, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. The workshop was expected for the teachers to be able to try new things, share ideas, respect others, pay attention well, be active, and ask many questions. The first section was held to give the teachers some tips to manage their classes such as how to give clear instruction in English and how to use whiteboard effectively, focusing in reading and listening strategy. In this section, a discussion and sharing ideas also occurred among the teachers and Ms. Ana as the speaker of the section. Some teachers told their difficulty in managing their classes, and others and Ms. Ana shared their ideas to solve the problem. Ms. Ana behaved as a partner for the teachers and invited the teachers to be very active in doing some activities and games in the first section. Even, in one of the games, the teachers as the participants of the workshop had to interact each other for several topics of students in classroom.

The second section was held from 01.30 p.m. – 03.40 p.m. and it was led by Mr. Greg. In this section, all participants were shown several applicable games for students in classroom. Mr. Greg showed some tips to the participants about making ordinary games such as snack and ladder become more interesting and the games are possible to be applied in more educative ways. Moreover, all participants didn’t only get new knowledge but also seminar kits for every participant, gifts, and merchandises which had been prepared by Kang Guru for the participants who could answer several questions based on what the two speakers told in the workshop.

There were about fifty participants coming to this workshop held in Rektorat Jambi University. Yusmalinisa, an English teacher of SMP 4 Muaro Jambi, stated that the workshop was good for all teachers to develop learning material in the class. She hoped that the Kang Guru Indonesia could give more learning material to the teachers to teach English in the class. Mrs. Gultom from SMP 10 Jambi at first predicted that the workshop would be just like usual activity she have ever had, but what she felt after following the workshop was it was very meaningful for her, and the workshop gave her new knowledge and she planned to implement some new activities and games that she known from the workshop in her classes.

In the end of the workshop, Mr. Dedi Kurniawan S.S., M.A. as the head of English Education Study Program thanked to all people involved in this activity including the Dean of the Faculty, the speakers from Kang Guru Indonesia, the participants from high schools in Jambi City and Muaro Jambi Regency, the lecturers of English Education Study Program as the committee of the workshop that mostly consist of female lecturers, and also the students who were also helpful in the workshop. After the workshop was closed, all the participants, the committees, and the informants took photo together. Even several participants were so excited in taking ‘selfie’ pictures with one of the speakers, Mr. Greg, the one who clearly has foreigner face and comes from Australia. (Agda; Wellys)

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