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Traffic jam not only occurs in the big cities, nowadays this ‘trend’ have hit to small provinces.  This cliché problem that society has to face on this time. Sometimes, It makes us angry, annoyed, irritated. Perhaps this is what it feels to be Jakartans, facing traffic like a hero in the morning every single day and every year.

The more annoying thing is when this happens in the educational areas. An educational area  here refers an area to educate people and with educated people. When this hits to educational areas, I think this problem is a serious matter.

Taking absence which requires every day for all educated people here including, the civil servants and  the lecturers. Starting from 7 AM until 9 am is a ‘precarious’ time and busiest time for this university. It causes the intersections around the UPT area starts becoming a chaos.  This is the busiest intersection in this university.

It looks like some of the drivers whether car or motorcycle drivers do not want to park their vehicle far from them. It look as if it is far from them, they have to start to worry about it.  The extreme thing is when some of the drivers just jump out of their vehicle like a jump of the bed without worrying the other drivers who want to pass this street.This is so aggravating. Just imagine when you want to catch the time, then these ‘’educated”  people start topreventyou. The traffic hits you.

Well, what can you say, some of ‘’educated’’ people is not educated enough. I hope that whoever taking this responsibility can be aware of this problem. This is university, it is supposed to fill with educated people. IT is such a dilemma when we have to face this problem even in an university. Nevertheless, the most responsibility is for us. If you cannot understand the way how to behave while driving and how to park, maybe you are not competent and educated enough to hold the driver license. (Apipi/Bonina)


Student Journalism