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Do you ever hear about ‘comfort zone’? You may already felt familiar with this phrase. Everyone has ever been in this zone. Regardless of your profession or how old you are, you have ever been in this zone. So, what is comfort zone? Comfort zone is a situation where you feel comfortable and satisfied with what you have. In this condition, you usually tend to enjoy being there and not encourage yourself to do better than you already done. This condition will cause some negative effects such as you do not have an intention to go forward again and you can not thrive again. So you will not be able to arise and progress. That is why to avoid these conditions, there are four tips you must do to step out of your comfort zone.

Ask yourself.

Ask yourself first about what you are aiming to do this. By knowing what your aim is, you can make a plan then you can start with simple steps that followed with big plans to change your life so colorful. You can also ask yourself about things that you believe are worth doing but you are afraid of doing it by yourself and why you are afraid of it. You can write down your discomfort in a piece of paper and identify it because it will help you to overcome your fear.  It helps you to find a way to overcome your fear.

Learn to meet new people.

Meeting new people is the best way to gain new ideas and insights. For example, when people know about arts, they would like to discuss about arts but they would not discuss about science since they do not know about it. It is the same as people who know about science would like to discuss about it but arts. You may find some people you do not like but there is nothing wrong with that. That is why if you have friends from different circles you will expand your knowledge from various fields.

Treat your failure as your teacher.

Many of you are afraid of failure and begin to think that it would be better if you do not do anything. You know, sometimes you may fail in some ways but at least you try and know what to do when you face the same problem again. Do not treat the failure as the end of your effort but treat the failure as your teacher. Another thing to think about is the fact that without failure, success would not feel so amazing.

Believe in yourself.

When you have worked hard to reach your goal, believe that your work will pay off in some way. At least, even you fall in the middle of your journey, have faith that those experiences makes you stronger and wiser. As long as you keep working hard, have faith that your efforts will only be meaningless if you fail to recognize the meaning in them. As long as you have given yourself a purpose, every step you take will bring you one step closer to true success.

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