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Muaro Jambi – Student Executive Board (Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa, BEM) of Economics and Management Faculty, UNJA held an entrepreneurship seminar titled Build the Entrepreneurial Spirit which Has Nationality Insight that took place on November 23rd 2016 in Rectorate Building 3rd floor, Jambi University, Kampus Pinang Masak Mendalo Darat.

Firdaus Palau, as the chairman of the committee of the seminar, said it was held because of ASEAN economic community has been starting since last year. He hoped that with BEM held this seminar, it will help the economic students to build their entrepreneurial spirit that has nationality insight. “As we know that last year there was ASEAN economic community so as members of BEM, we want to hold a seminar which create or grow the entrepreneurial spirit, not only growing the entrepreneurial spirit but also concern about our nation” (11/23).

This seminar was attended by students from students of university itself and other universities or institutions in Jambi such as Batanghari University, and other polytechnic. “The participants of this seminar are from variant university and institution, of course there are students of Jambi University, Batanghari University and other polytechnics. But, (this is) for D3 or above” said Firdaus about the participants.

They presented two speakers for the seminar, Mr. Arfa’ish. SH, MH,from academics, delivered materials about nation and Patria Prima Putra, as an owner of ‘BrownisManten’ and also an alumnus of economic and management faculty, delivered about entrepreneurship.

Before the seminar was held, BEM created art competition such as vocal solo, stand up comedy and, dance. The winners of each category would have been performing in the entertaining section of the seminar. They also had competition on the spot such as photography, take a selfie, and poster about entrepreneurship.

“I hope that of course (the participants) will get the experience (from this seminar), get more insight and also I hope that (they) will develop their entrepreneurial spirit that has nationality insight” as the chairman of the committee closed the interview. (Bonina/Apipi)

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