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Jambi – In order to celebrates World Diabetes Day which go on November 14, An events was held a week later on Sunday, 24 November 2016. Jambiness community gathered to participate in healthy exercise activities held at courtyard of Governour’ office of Jambi Province. Joy and happiness can be seen on the faces of the participants who were wearing all-yellow uniform supplied by the crew of event for free. Participants who came from various ages: adults, teenagers, even young children move to follow the movement demonstrated by the instructor. According Tiwi (23) as one of the crew event, confirmed that the number of registered participants reached 1,200 people. with a ticket price of Rp. 25,000 participants will received free health check, t-shirts, snacks, and lottery tickets. With hashtag # hands4diabetes, Tiwi in her statement explained that "The purpose of this event is to celebrate World Diabetes Day, so we made a donation event involving the participants who participated in making a smiling sign in their hand. For each smiling sign, we will donate Rp.1000 for people with diabetes all around the world.” The event was held from 07:00 am until 10:00 pm and happened smoothly. She adds, " although I was a little drop since it was a bit rainy in the dawn before, but fortunately this morning is bright enough so that there are a lot of participants who came and events ran well”.

The event was attended by participants from various professions; workers, college students, and even students. When being asked about her opinion concerning this event, Tiara Pratiwi (21) a student of STIKBA Jambi, recognize that this event was quite exciting "this morning we are doing exercise activity together which is good to stretch our body" she said. Besides, Tiara also added that her reason for participating in this event is because there is a lot of information that she can get about prevention and treatment of diabetes which is very usefull.

A exciting moment had occurred in the middle of the event. Along with the hectic atmosphere when the presenter was going to read the winners of the lottery numbers, suddenly unplanned situation happened because the Governor of Jambi Province, Zumi Zola Zulkifli will be the one who announced grand prize winner, a motorcycle. Mr. Zumi Zola was doing a morning jog in governor's office area when the event was held. so he had no problem to enliven the event and give a few words before announcing the winner. In his short speech, Mr. Zumi Zola stated that he was very pleased with that kind of very useful event. Comes the main event, noisy boisterous participants screams louder as Mr. Governor revoke lottery numbers and read out one by one the numbers written on the paper. "What number, buk? Unfortunately, it’s not." he joked. Lottery winners eventually went to the number 779 in the name of Dina (21) years are entitled to have the main grand prize, a motorcycle. In the end of the event, the governor, the staff, and the winner took a photo together on stage.




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