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In this era, technology is growing so fast. That phenomenon not only affected social life but also, give many effect for teaching and learning in educational world. Moreover, the students can get their teaching and learning activities in many ways. Some activities already can be applied without any real meeting. Social media, such as online group discussion help them in realizing that ways. For instance, the application namely “Edmodo” being one of the tools, which is give that feature.

The “Edmodo” well - known as a broad educational network that helps students to interact with other students, the teacher, their parents, or even to get resources needed to achieve many potential. That is not impossible for sure, with full of features and everything that provide on the application is designed to give students form control over their digital classroom activities.

In my opinion, many things those make “Edmodo” more convenient for teaching and learning as a student center. For instances: It can motivate students when they see another student post the idea of assignment. Indirectly, it makes students try to learn more and more. Then, it is fun to discuss each other about many ideas that have been shared in this media. In the other way, the thought of students being monitored by the teacher encourage them to participate more on the group. While, the students directly can receive feedback, suggestion, even advice from both another students and lecture. Actually, it makes them want to be better than before. Furthermore, they do not want to be the worse student compares to the others students. Lastly, the notification for due date or deadline that provided in this media makes students more discipline to finish their assignment on time.

As a student, I think this application also gives many benefits for students in doing the assignment. Indirectly, this way saves their budget because for submitting their tasks are no needed printing, no ink, and no paper to lose. Save papers, save tree. However, the important things for students besides of no more money are no needed more time and energy. This media is great way too because, it facilitates students in term of providing an online chat room group discussion so the teaching - learning process can be done quickly and unnecessarily to be face to face in the classroom. Therefore, they are able to manage their time well.

Furthermore, I suppose that the students probably feel this is interesting and enjoyable way, why? Trust on me, this new thing gives many new experiences for students besides it is safe and free. The important thing from this media is useful for enhancing students’ group discussion. They can work together without worry about the distance. Especially, it is appropriate more for students who have no vehicle to send them everywhere.

On the other hand, as a student I assume that there are also some problems. What are those? Surely, the problem of network connection is being one of the big factors that make students difficult for operating it and become not enjoyable at all. It is definitely cause some of them being passive participant and the discussion run slow. How bored to keep in waiting, is not it? Students may also feel there is limitation like shy and afraid to make a mistake in exploring idea in public discussion. Probably, most of them do not enjoy either replying the comment or explaining the idea as freely as expected. Moreover, there are students are still thinking that the best way in a group work is they still have to meet face to face to discuss it beforehand to make the result more appropriate.

Based on that’s all opinion from my perspectives as a student about “Edmodo” as online group discussion above, I conclude that many students feel more convenient by using this media. However, some of them still have difficulties and prefer to have real discussion for doing their group work. (Erni ; Ratu)

Student Journalism