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Muaro Jambi – The English Department Students of Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP) in Jambi University (Unja) are joining the basic training organization that was held by Independent Community of English (ICE) in order to share experiences and provide some guidance about the organization that are required for the candidates of ICE to the next generation.The event was attended and opened by the vice chief of ICE management in period of two thousand and thirteen (2013), and many new students of two thousand and sixteen (2016), which was held on Saturday (19/11) with the theme namely “Descendant of the Ice."

Gilang Dwi Ryanda as a chief of the committee said that Basic Training Organization (TDO) is an agenda to provide some training in the organization.

"Basic Training Organization (TDO) is an event for training the new students of English education to manage organization appropriately. Therefore, we adopt this theme from a Korean drama that we think is demanding for discipline, talent and knowledge from students who’s follow this event." He said at that time in FKIP Unja, (19/11).

He added that the event was held especially just for students of English Department.

"The participants are all come from the English Department Students with the number around of 60 students," he added.

Gilang is continuing his statement that in this event they will organize several activities such as the presentation of material and compactness test game.

"Here, we will give material about organizational, do some exercise like as outbound and small games for training the cooperative and solidarity to the new students within the organization." He continued.

Besides that, he added that the goals of this event for students of English Department are creating the talented, have more knowledge, and disciplined personality in a community while doing good activities in the organization both in HIMA and in other level.

As a chief of the committee, he felt pride in personally and always hope the best thing for the future.

"I am very proud and happy to have new experiences as a chief of the committee and I hope they (the participants) can become the awesome generation soon," he hoped sincerely.

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