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Mr. Sugeng Hadi Kusuma serves a buyer

Someone who want to be success man, he is struggle became a success man.  Live is    something  unpredictable because of human motivation. Sometimes, he is successor fail in  that time.  He tries  to make his grandparents proud of him. Trying to make his dream became truth.  Sometimes, he  is a little hard to arrange the schedule with his friends, because of his part time jobs. Sometimes,  the university homework must be completed as  soon as possible. People are rarely doing a part  time job right now, they are sharing full of  time to university homework and dating.  He shares a  time for a part time job, college, and  meeting to his friends. He works in Aufa Pharma drugstore in  Mendalo and Simpang Rimbo.  From Monday to Saturday, he works in Mendalo and he works in  Simpang Rimbo on Sunday. Some teenagers spend his time to play, gather with their friends and so on.  But in fact, it is unexpected. Let introduce him, His name is Sugeng Hadi Kusuma, you can  call him as Sugeng. He was born in Aceh. He is born on 5 May 1995. He is a religious  Moslem. He  is an English Department Student in University of Jambi and then he came  from Merangin to study  here.
Although he who is 21 years old, has a part time job, but he can manage his time. He can  divide  his time to study and work. I think it is high score enough as the student in university. That score  is quite difficult to acquire. You can imagine, it is not easier to  manage time to study and work.  Then, his GPA is not low score.  “Until right now 3.5” said  Sugeng. He has big ambition and spirit to study. He wants to make grandfather and  grandmother is proud of him. Part-time job is not an obstacle to study hard and achieve dream. He dreams that will an English teacher.

Sugeng Hadi Kusuma who is called Sugeng, he is one of the hard worker to face a life. He has worked in Aufa Pharma drugstore in three years. He has worked there in the first semester. Sugeng said that chosen this job because he thought it was his chance to earn a lot of money. He does not want bother his grandparent anymore. He wants to make their grandparents proud of him, not to bother them. He realizes that he has bothered them. He is raised by his grandparent. Since he has child, his grandparent takes care of him and has loved him. It is the values action that cannot be measured by anything.

Sugeng said that he works in one of drugstore is started by his neighbor besides his house. His neighbor is one of the workers in Aufa Pharma drug store. Her boss wants to find the new member in her job place. Then, his neighbor offers him to work there. Surely, he accepts that offer because he knows that he needs a lot of money to pay the collage fee.

Sugeng Hadi Kusuma is one of the strong men because he does not have his parent anymore. Their parents left him when he was child. Sugeng said that my mother was passed away while giving birth of him and my father also was passed away when I was one years old.  So, he just has their grandparent now. He really loves both of them. That’s why, he chooses to work part-time to help their grandparent. “That is one of the reasona he works part-time that aims to make their grandparent is not working anymore” Said Sugeng. (Danil;Raju)

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