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Festival Danau Teluk, pembukaan oleh Wali Kota

Jambi citizens, especially the ones from Seberang Kota Jambi (Sekoja), sure had a lot of fun two weeks ago. Jambi City Tourism Office and the District Government of Danau Teluk, Jambi City, held event called Festival Danau Teluk. This festival is an annual event, and 2016 is the fourth in line. This event was opened officially by the Mayor of Jambi H. Sharif Fasha, ME., located next to Danau Teluk District Office, Thursday (17/11). The opening of the festival was attended by expert staff, Assistant, Head of SKPD, the subdistrict scope of the Government of Jambi, some Jambi legislators, Forkompinca Danau Teluk, and local communities’ leaders.

Reported by the chairman of the committee, Sholihin Muttaqin, these activities will take place during the four days that starting from March 17th until November 20th, 2016. "Surely there is something very serve as a basis to implemented this activity, one of which is that we consider today its culture or in sub tradition in Danau Teluk is starting to fade, we hope that through the activities of the Festival's Danau Teluk could return shar'ī preserve the customs and culture of the religion," he said.

The series of this events is divided into two parts. The first is the main program for this year that is a Jambi cultural parade followed by the representatives from villages and the schools. Here is also held a Malay (Melayu) fun walking, where all the participants are not wearing shirts or sweatpants as usual but wear Malay clothes instead, in hope to preserve that culture. The second program is arts and cultural performances such as dance competitions, kompangan, Qasida tambourine, Seloko customs, fishing on Danau Teluk, racing boats, tug boats, and the election of Ambassador of Tourism Danau Teluk. For participants, anyone is welcome to participate in these activities, as long as they are Jambi citizens.

After opening the Festival Danau Teluk, Jambi Mayor along with the event’s guests also walk around the Danau Teluk and across it by perahu ketek (some sort of boat) to the island located in the middle of the island of Danau Teluk, Pabe Island. They also went fishing using a net in one of kerambah ikan (fish farms) on the lake. (Fadlaini ; Kasmundari)

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