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Danau Teluk and its "tambak ikan"

Festival Danau Teluk has been successfully held in Seberang Kota Jambi (Sekoja) for three days in row two Thursdays ago. People came from many places to Kecamatan Danau Teluk to enjoy and participate in many fun events. When the festival is over, however, will people still willingly come to this place again, even just to wander round its iconic lake, Danau Teluk?

Kecamatan Danau Teluk is one of eight kecamatan (sub-districts) in Jambi city that is famous for its cultural richness. For those who want to explore Jambi culture in Jambi city, Kecamatan Danau Teluk is a good starting place. There are many historical places, religious culture, old houses and buildings, and home industries peculiar to Jambi culture that can be found here. Want to find places in which kerupuk and Jambiness batik are made? Just come to Danau Teluk sub-district. Both industries are the pride of this place.

The distance from down Jambi city to this sub-district is not close, even though we can’t say it is too far away either. You should take approximately 20 km to reach Kecamatan Danau Teluk from downtown. The tired feeling that you get from this not too long journey, however, will be paid off once you experience an interesting journey with beautiful scenery that’s served by nature along the way to this place. Just imagine yourself driving to Danau Teluk sub-district with the green of rice fields that changes to the brown of old houses once you are at a more crowded area and the blue of reflected sky on the surface of the lake. Back to nature, people say. Nothing to lose, isn’t it?

The lake of Danau Teluk, predictably, is the icon of Kecamatan Danau Teluk. It can be said that the name of this sub-district come from its lake. As one of the only two largest lakes in Jambi city, along with Danau Sipin at Telanai Pura, this lake covers the most part of Danau Teluk sub-district. As it is, locals in this area use this lake for their living. You may not find Danau Teluk as a big lake with its little natural ecosystem of frogs, fishes, and water plants decorating its surface. However, many tambak ikan (fish farms) are fitted by locals here to cultivate tilapia and catfish. Maybe Tungkal is famous as fish producer in Jambi province, but it is Danau Teluk that is well known as tilapia and catfish producer in Jambi city. This tambak ikan thing, however, doesn’t spoil the beauty of the lake. We know that it’s difficult to find a beautiful lake that hasn’t spoiled by human hands these days, especially in urban areas like Jambi city. The “touch” of this tambak ikan thing in Danau Teluk, as what people agree, just makes it seems more natural.

As we see, Danau Teluk as the icon of Kecamatan Danau Teluk is the centre of locals’ activity. Want to see the old buildings? Many of them were built around the lake. Want to see the industries? Many locals live from the lake. Want to see some important events in Danau Teluk sub-district? They’re mostly held at the venue near the lake. Or, want to spend your time just wandering around? Well, people do agree that the beauty of nature is second to none, so, the lake we come.

Still have reasons to not come here? Well, just come to Danau Teluk, and we’ll see all your reasons sink into the lake. (Kasmundari ; Fadlaini)

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