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As a study program, our main activities include the management of academic activities, courses and activities, students, and faculty members. Besides we also have some special programs that we plan to do regularly. This article highlights some of these program we plan to do regularly

Education and Training

Lecturer Sharing Program

The faculty members of English Education Study Program UNJA regularly conduct sharing programs focusing on disseminating various topics of interest in an informal way. This "from lecturer for lecturer" program is aimed at building close bonding among the faculty members while having the idea exchanges. The topics may range from sharing the research projects, dissertations/thesis from newly graduated faculty, to practical skills.

Student Workshop & Training

Workshop and Training for our students on various practical skills and knowledge



English Education International Conference (EDUTICON) is the biennial international conference hosted by English UNJA. Started in 2015, English UNJA has planned to conduct the conference every other year, inviting researchers, educators, and enthusiasts in English Language Education from Indonesia and overseas to share and disseminate their research, ideas, and best practices in English Language Education and all related disciplines. The details of the conference as well as the published papers can be found at our Conference Website. The coming EDUTICON is expected to happen in 2017.

Jambi - English Language Teaching (J-ELT) Journal

J-ELT is our newly published online journal on English Language Teaching. This journal will be published biannually in April and October staring in 2016. The journal focuses on publishing quality articles in English Language Teaching and related fields. It has been registered to LIPI and acquired an ISSN 2503-3840 (online). Information on publication can be found at J-ELT

Community Outreach Program

Workshop for English Teachers

We occasionally conduct workshops intended for English language teachers in Jambi Province with various topics related to English language teaching. Focused on equipping the teachers with practical skills that they can use in their classrooms, the workshops present speakers from Universitas Jambi as well as other well-known institutions in Indonesia and Overseas.  Our latest program includes conducting an ELT Workshop in cooperation with Kang Guru Indonesia.