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English UNJA is a study program (Prodi)  under the administration of Language and Arts Department (Jurusan Pendidikan Bahasa dan Seni), Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Jambi. Its main responsibility is to manage the academic and administrative activities at study program level. The study program is led by a chair elected every five years. To conduct various activities, a chair is assisted by some coordinators leading various teams with specific goals :



Dedy Kurniawan, SS, MA



  • Students' Final Project Team: Susanah, S.Pd, M.Sc
  • Curriculum Team: Melati, S.Pd, M.CC
  • Student and Alumni Team:



Previous Chairs: (Chronologically-reversed order)

  • Failasofah, SS, M.Pd
  • Indri Anastasia, SS, MA, M.Ed
  • Sri Wachyunni, SS, M.Hum, Ph.D
  • Drs. Makmur, M.Hum, MA