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English Education International Conference (EDUTICON) is a biennial international conference conducted by English Education Study Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Jambi (English UNJA). This forum gathers researchers, educators, and enthusiasts in English language education and all related disciplines from all over the world to discuss, share, and disseminate their research, best practices, ideas, and innovations in the fields of English language education and related fields. With the main focus in English as a foreign language in the context of Indonesia as well as other countries, EDUTICON attempts to propose various important issues to be discussed at each conference by inviting well-reputed scholars in EFL from Indonesia and overseas.

The first EDUTICON was conducted in 2015 with a great success as it gathered more than 200 participants from Indonesia and neighboring countries. With the theme "Redefining English Education in the 21st Century", EDUTICON 2015 managed to compile more than 40 papers in our conference proceedings (available online at This year the proceedings will also available through our university's open conference system at

With this success, English Education Study Program, with the support of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Jambi and other supporting institutions, is committed to host this event biennially. And this year, 2017, we once again proudly presents our second EDUTICON 2017 bringing the theme: “Going beyond boundaries: Connecting ELT to today’s world”. Inviting well-reputed keynote speakers in ELT from Indonesia and Overseas, EDUTICON 2017 seeks to explore the strengthening interplay between ELT and the bussiness of 21st century world.  

Come and join us in this enriching event as we gather and discuss the issues related to the theme of our conference while building networks among scholars in ELT from all over the world. Our study program is committed to offer you a quality international conference while enjoying our beautiful and culturally-rich city of Jambi.