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Established in 1993 by the decree of the Minister of Education and Culture, Prodi Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris or English Education Study Program (hence English UNJA) is one of the study program under the administration of Language and Arts Department, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, University of Jambi. Its main goal is to prepare English language teachers particularly for high schools in in Indonesia, as well as researchers and entrepreneurs in English language and other related fields. English UNJA has recently been accredited B by Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi (BAN-PT). As of 2015, English UNJA is enrolled by more than 500 students. English UNJA offers a bachelor degree in English language education (S.Pd). With 35 permanent lecturers in bachelor degree program (S1) and 6 in master degree program, English UNJA has a lecturer - student ratio of 1:12 and is one the study program with the biggest number of faculty members. 



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